Smart Packaging

Concept: Smart Packaging, also known as Smart Packaging, are digital solutions integrated into the product to meet these unique business needs of each customer.

Description: Course focused on opportunities to apply new technologies as a competitive advantage in Smart Packaging.

Objectives: To provide participants with adequate information to understand the important role of packaging today as an instrument of continuous relationship with the consumer, as well as its use to mitigate risks faced by products in the supply chain, such as identification of counterfeiting, theft, etc. ., through technologies appropriate to each specific need.

Target Audience: Professionals who want to acquire knowledge in the packaging area combined with technologies aimed
at smart packaging, leveraging new opportunities in their career or company.

Topics covered:

  • How to capture value through the Smart Packaging revolution?
  • Which companies are already using these technologies?
  • How to apply them to create value?
  • Connected Packaging and business opportunities
  • Visit to Sincpress Smart Packaging Innovation Center