Sincpress discusses trademark protection with Abinee

Cargo theft reaches nearly R $ 200 billion a year in Brazil and a set of Internet of Packaging (IoP) solutions can reduce losses for manufacturers and governments

Cargo theft, counterfeit products and smuggling reached a level that exceeded R $ 190 billion in losses, only in 2019, according to Fábio Barbosa, director of HP supply chain security for Latin America and director of Brand Protection for the Association Brazilian Electric and Electronic Industry Industry (Abinee), with headquarters in the building of the Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo (Fiesp), on Avenida Paulista, in São Paulo Capital.

In view of the scale of the problem that affects brands and manufacturers in different sectors in the country - also in the world - and in search of solutions, Abinee participated in an event on Internet of Packaging (IoP) at the headquarters of Sincpress, in Sorocaba (SP). Sincpress is the first innovation center in smart packaging in Latin America.

According to Barbosa, the concern with cargo theft, counterfeiting and smuggling affects companies that go far beyond the electronics sector and involves losses that include tax collection, which leads to a loss amount of almost R $ 200 billion per year only in Brazil. More than 50 executives from 20 companies from different sectors and associated with Abinee participated in the presentations at Sincpress on how current technologies for Smart Packaging (smart packaging) can be used to fight crime, especially that affecting brands and manufacturers.

On the product manufacturers' side, Barbosa says that companies have to spend a lot of their security investments to ensure that they are delivering original products to the end customer. “Despite the drop in the number [of cargo theft] from 2018 to 2019, it still represents a lot”, warns Barbosa. "Sometimes you find products that you consider original in a chain of retail stores and, when you go to consult, you end up discovering that the product originates from cargo theft, counterfeiting or smuggling."

Through Brand Security solutions, with the application of Smart Packaging, you can bring the consumer to become an inspector of the products in circulation in the market, as stated by Barbosa. “Thus, the more than 200 million inhabitants of Brazil can be turned into inspectors, ensuring that the products purchased are original, not smuggled or stolen. The customer will start to get in direct contact with the manufacturer, creating a closer relationship ”.

In the same way that the consumer will be able to communicate with manufacturers more directly and easily, through a personalized interface, the same Brand Security tools can favor the contact and learning about the behavior of this consumer and his preferences, adding value to the investment of the manufacturer in Smart Packaging technology. "Brands will be able to offer better experiences to consumers," predicts Barbosa.

The executive believes that, for Digital Printing, “there is a market niche that seeks to retain and know how to work with the consumer, doing direct marketing with this consumer, with a product protection chain, and a sustainability chain, with Circular Economy. This is a path that has no turning back. And new things will come in the future ”.