The packaging future leads to intelligence

Digital printing helps achieve results ranging from identification and tracking to authenticity, customer experience and sustainability
by Paula R. Valerio.

If you are thinking of extracting additional benefits through your packaging, without having to place a chip tag or create more noise in the design of your product, know that Digital Printing can deliver everything you can imagine - and probably even what you don’t even imagine yet, helping to achieve results that go from product identification and tracking, to guaranteeing authenticity, customer experience and sustainability.

Digital printing technology allows many of the problems we are currently solving with Bar Codes and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), for example, to have results as efficient - or more - with the support of printed invisible codes and the same layout as yours product already has today. This technology is called a "watermark".watermark” (ou marca d’água, em português).

Through the Digital Printing process, such invisible codes can be inserted in the images (watermarks) that, when activated by a smartphone, for example, can bring from numeric codes to identify a SKU(stock keeping unit or, in Portuguese, unit inventory maintenance), if we think about using them in the production chain, even more complete or complex information such as the origin of raw materials, expiration date, transport conditions, and infinite possibilities.

Of course, this looks like futurology, but in fact it has already become something of our day to day, as well as many of the activities that we used to do in a more complicated way and that are increasingly simple and efficient today.

Paula R Valerio, Sincpress Executive Chief

That is why we say that the future of packaging leads to intelligence. The intelligence to identify and control products in stock, as well as to track Supply Chains. The intelligence to guarantee to the consumer means of knowing if a certain product is original and, thus, to avoid counterfeiting. The intelligence to offer the customer a spectacular shopping experience and / or interaction with the product. And, also, allow all of this not to harm the environment. We are getting closer and closer to all this intelligence. Just don't wait too long to make decisions and keep in mind that competitiveness is part of our routine. After all, as we are seeing every day, the future, in the blink of an eye, can become the past.